Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Things I Love About my Cats

1. Miley never holds grudges.
2. Zander is always loving.

Hmm, what do I mean by this?
Well, today is a good example for both of those things. First of all, Miley's wonderful trait:
Today, Miley decided to start chewing on my Dad's plants in the hallway and that is illegal for Miley! So I pull her away and tell her no. But moments later, she does it again. I pull her away again and hold her this time- telling her no but then, I lose my grip of her and she falls out of my arms in an awkward way. She landed on her paws - of course - but I still felt sorry, so I picked her up and brought her on my bed and she lay down & was purring in no time - proving her point that she doesn't hold grudges.
Which brings me to my second point, about Zander. I was playing with Miley and I decided to put her in the laundry basket that was by my bed. So I did and Zander was watching. I took her out after a little bit because I didn't think she really liked it in there. So I played with her on the bed for a little bit, but then I noticed something was in the laundry basket - it was Zander, looking absolutely cute in the laundry basket, impersonating Miley. I felt so bad that I hadn't been playing with him so I picked him up and they both purred together.


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