Monday, February 16, 2009

Composing, Apologies, Sickness, Dissapointment, Valentines

So, I haven't actually posted anything in a long while, not since January anyways. I decided that much is needed to be said so here goes:

Reviving Ophelia, Friday the 13th at 7:30 - Opening Night, we're all excited! Too bad I was sick in bed with a fever all day. I couldn't even star in the show that I had been working on since sometime in December. I was extremely angry about not being able to perform. There were only two nights that we would perform, Friday and Valentines' Day. Unfortunately I couldn't do the second performance either. But I was well enough to be some fun extra parts, like a First Grader and a Party Guest!

I really miss my sister Bridgey because she is awesome and she is Italy. My mom is going to visit her in Italy in March sometime and what really irks me is that I just discovered that I have off school the days that she is going. Grrr.

Anywhoo. Happy Be-Lated Valentines Day! I did nothing this Valentines Day but sit on the couch and try to get better. Later that night I managed to do the little extra roles in the play, but apart from that - I was sniffling and coughing and trying to recover. For this years' Valentines Day gifts, I am currently composing a piano piece for my friend Lexxy. It is going to be a little late since I started it on Thursday... But so far it's coming along nicely!

Peace, Love and Thanks for Reading!!