Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kudos and Love - I am not a Hippie!

Today was my last day of exams and they were quite easy- Scriptures and Spanish. I recently saw a music video that my older sister's friend had made to her original song. It was really good! Kudos! I actually don't know exactly the meaning of the term 'kudos' even though I use it and hear it avidly. Hmmm... Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia?
Ahh Urban Dictionary won it out:
To gain kudos is to earn respect and recognition.

Well yes, that seems right! Caitlin I give you respect and recognition in your music video/original song!!
Yay!! It fits! Too many exclamation points!

*Ahem* Recently I was on my Facebook account- yes I use Facebook, if you have a blog it'd be odd if you did not also you Facebook -and I was really bored because I arrived home early and no one was online, soooo I decided to update my 'about me' in my information thingy on Facebook. Here goes, I thought it was interesting:

I am claustrophobic. I have OCD. I am random. I love my friends. I love music. I love to play music. I love to listen to music. Face it- I love music. I love acting. I love writing letters. I love receiving letters. I love my roof. I love my cats & dog. I love my family. I love water. I love nature. I love you. I love me. I love when stereotypes are broken. I love eyes (they are cool up close!). I love to read. I love to write. I love photography. I wish I had a better camera. I love to learn. I love being a redhead. I love traveling. I love Europe. I love Maryland. I love D.C. I love peace. I love animals. I love culture. I love different accents. I love painting. I love art. I love uniqueness. I love football. I love the Washington Redskins. I love fire. I love snow. I love rain. I love windows. I love the moon. I love to swim. I love psychology. I love organization. I love wood. I love diversity. I love drawing.

Thank you! Yes that was random but I was bored. And now a snippet from a very enjoyable song that is too long to post because it is nine minutes of amazingness!

Konstantine by Something Corporate

I can't imagine all the people that you know
And the places that you go
When the lights are turned down low
And I don't understand
All the things you've seen
But I'm slipping in between
You and your big... dreams
it's always you in my big dreams

And you tell me
That it's over
Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clover
And you're restless
And I'm naked
You've got to get out
You can't stand to see me shaking
no, could you let me go
I didn't think so

and you don't want to be here in the future
So you say
the present's just a pleasant
Interruption to the past
And you don't want to look much closer
'Cause you're afraid to find out all this hope
You had sent into the sky by now had... crashed
and it did because of me

And then you bring me home
Afraid to find out that you're alone, no
And I'm sleeping in your living room
But we don't have much room
To live

(ah what the hell, here's the whole song!)

I had these dreams, in them I learned to play guitar
Maybe cross the country
Become a rockstar
And there was hope in me
That I could take you there
But damn it you're so young
But I don't think I care
and if I hurt you then i'm sorry
please don't think that this was easy

And then you bring me home
'Cause we both know what it's like to be alone, no
And I'm dreaming in your living room
But we don't have much room
To live

And Konstantine is walking down the stairs
Doesn't she look good
Standing in her underwear?
And I was thinking, what I was thinking
But we've been drinking
And it doesn't get me anywhere

My Konstantine came walking down the stairs
And all that I could do
Was touch her long blonde hair
And I've been thinking
It hurts me thinking
That these nights when we were drinking
No they never got us anywhere, no

This is because I can spell konfusion with a K
And I can like it
It's to dying in anothers arms
and why i had to try it
It's to jimmy eat world
and those nights in my car
when the first star you see
may not be a star
I'm not your star
Isn't that what you said?
what you thought this song meant

And if this is what it takes
just to lie with my mistakes
and live with what I did to you
All the hell I put you through
I always catch the clock it's 11:11
And now you want to talk
it's not hard to dream
You'll always be my Konstantine
My Konstantine

They'll never hurt you like I do
No, They'll never hurt you like I do
No, No, No, No, No, No, No

This is to a girl who got into my head
with all the pretty things she did
Hey, You know, you keep me up in bed
This is to a girl who got into my head
with all these fucked up things I did
Hey maybe baby, you could keep me up in bed
My Konstantine

Spin around me like a dream
We played out on this movie screen
And I said,
Did you know I miss you
Did you know I miss you
Did you know I miss you

I miss you

And then you bring me home
And we'll go to sleep but this time not alone, no No,
And then you'll kiss me in your living room, oh
I know you miss me in your living room
Cause these nights I think maybe that I miss you in my living room
We don't have much room
I said, does anybody need that room?
Because we all need a little more room
To live

...My Konstantine.


  1. Grace,
    Bridge told me to take a look at your blog opening.
    I'm glad I did. Thanks so much for watching and I'm SO GLAD you enjoyed it enough to mention the video in your blog.

    Hope Seton is treating you well. From what I hear it is. I can't wait to see you in the play this spring! Amanda and I are planning on attending. We'll try to live up to the awesomeness of your real sister :-)

    Best wishes,

  2. No problem! Seton's fun, I just got back from a Dematha/Bishop Mac. basketball game- it was fun!
    I can't wait for you guys to come and see it either. Do you know when it is?

    Can't wait,