Friday, June 19, 2009

Queen Envy of the Kingdom of Jealousy from the Bowels of the FedEx Truck

Yep yep. Read the title.
So, Tuesday - I think that was it - June 16th: my sister, two of my cousins and two friends all went to see Jack's Mannequin and the Fray playing at Merriweather Post Pavilion in dear old Mary's land. Yes. I was enormously jealous of these five girls. However last night I did view an amazing spectacle of the human talents. I saw the Bolshoi Ballet Company's (out of Russia) production of the ballet Le Corsaire. Yes - I may have not seen one of my favorite bands (JM) play live (probably with crappy-last-minute tickets) but I did see a breath taking production of a show that was touching and funny at the same time. It was amazing!! Anyways yeah that's been my life for the last couple days. Also I slept at my sister's house in DC last night and was woken up twice last night randomly by her housemates. How interesting. Last Wednesday I recieved Sims 3 from the bowels of the FedEx truck. It's been pretty fun but I need to get a better computer to play it on unfortunately.