Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Music Rant / Smilin'

Today was a basic day of preparation for our exams which will be on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Good luck me! So today was also mostly a smiling day because we weren't as tired as we were yesterday so we all appreciated seeing our friends once more. Again this is a very basic and boring blog post so bear with me while these boring days pass. Anyways I was looking for a song that was titled Smiling or Smilin' because that is how I felt today was like. So here goes, however it is merely a sample as I didn't really like the lyrics. Give it up for Tim McGraw's Smiling:

The cover of a magazine, nothing but a paper dream
Just another fantasy for sale
Telling me what I need, what I should do, who I should be
That stuff dont matter to me at all

*Ahem* Hope you enjoyed that! As a side and perhaps final note - as I happen to have not done my homework yet - I am learning to play Bella's Lullaby from the popular movie Twilight. Mainly I am learning it because/for my sister but I am really enjoying it. The tune is gorgeous and the melody is fairly simple to play, not that many accidentals - THANK GOD! - because most songs from plays or movies that I play seem to have SO MANY FREAKING ACCIDENTALS and then my music is all marked up by my pencils and then sometimes I can't read it because of all the notes. Anyways basically if you read this you will understand that I enjoy playing music. Today I brought my music (that is, Bella's Lullaby) to play with my friend, Phy-Phy, because we both adore music - she play's clarinet dominantly and I play piano & violin - and we play different stuff together a lot. However today when we went to go play in the practice rooms at our school - or as we happen to call them the llama rooms - we both knew we were going to leave earlier than usual so we used the only non-used llama room. The llama room with The Horrid Piano. I am not joking when I call it horrid. Most of the keys past middle C stick! It is positively annoying when you are trying to play a really gorgeous piece and you start to play the upper hand melody and the keys are sticking all over the place and you can't tell if you are holding down the damper pedal (the one that makes the notes continue while you play on) or not! So annoying. Here's a definition of damper pedal by Mr. Wiki, my best friend!

The sustaining pedal is often called "the soul of the piano". The right pedal on the modern piano, it raises all the dampers off the strings so that they can continue to vibrate and sound after a note on the keyboard has been released. This pedal adds much expressiveness to piano music, allowing notes to resonate, and certain harmonies and notes to be connected together.

Enjoyed that? So did I! Anywhoo, thank you for not rolling your eyes at my rant, but that was very important for me to get out in the open. Or on the World Wide Webby.
So yes. I shall return anon - tomorrow hopefully.

Much love and thanks for reading,


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