Monday, August 24, 2009

True Blood, A New School Year and Regina Spektor.

Although most people watch True Blood on Sundays at 8/9C on HBO, me and my family watch it Monday - Saturday (which ever is most convenient) at anytime between 7 p.m. to 9/10 p.m.. So, even though we missed last night's episode, we will watch it tonight! I can say that I am truthfully excited! The True Blood vampires are so much better than the Twilight vampires. Also, I am currently scouring my libraries for a copy of the first book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries, I think that is what they're called. They're the books that True Blood is so wonderfully based off of. Whenever I get the free time or chance to run over to my library I will do that!

So, I've been finishing up my summer work for the next year at school. Yay. (Please read that with dry sarcasm.) On Wednesday, the 26th, I have orientation for my sophomore year and then on Thursday, we have a 7-Period day, which is basically just like going through all of our classes, but they're 10-minute classes as apposed to however long our normal classes are. Then, for some odd, but blessed, reason we have no school on Friday! And then finally on Monday, the 31st, we begin the school year. It'll be nice to see all the people I've missed over the summer, even though I will miss the summer time.

From Friday the 21st to Saturday the 22nd, I had a sleepover with a few of my closest friends and we had a lot of fun! We watched Definitely, Maybe - which I've seen before, but it was still entertaining and then we just had a bunch of time to catch up with each other and basically re-cap the entire summer before school started. Then Saturday, we spent a good 4 hours shopping at the mall close by and even though we did get rained on for an hour and a half, or so, we still had a lot of fun! I bought two Regina Spektor CDs that I've been meaning to buy, Begin to Hope and Far. They're both really good and I'm beginning to learn the rest of the songs on the CDs, not just Fidelity, Better, Samson and Folding Chair! My favorites (not counting those mentioned previously of course) are On The Radio, Apres Moi, Wallet, 20 Years of Snow - fine okay, I really do like all of them, I won't list them.


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